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Bioderma Sebium Gel gommant T100ml
Bioderma Sebium Gel gommant T100ml
Bioderma Sebium Gel gommant T100ml

Bioderma Sebium Gel gommant T100ml

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Hygiene and purifying exfoliation care for oily and combination skin, with a tendency to acne.

This cleaning care, exerts a mechanical and chemical exfoliating action, due to their formulation with spherical microgranules salicilic acid and glycolic acid - queratorregulator action - that incorporated soft cleansing basis, and an acidic pH, limiting the proliferation of acne, and stimulating the elimination of impurities and cell renewal.

Purifies and refines the skin texture

The patented Fluidactiv system, regulates the quality of sebum, making the skin thinner texture, pores are honed and skin is radiant.

Sébium exfoliating gel , respects the skin balance and prepares the skin for the application of a specific cream care.



Excess sebum, leads to the appearance of unsightly skin and sometimes painful imperfections, dispersed all over the face.

The skin acquires a glistening and bright aspect, with the formation of comedones, occurring mainly in the median of the face - forehead, nose and chin.

Knowing that the treatment of oily and combination skin begins with proper hygiene, Bioderma offers hygiene solutions to clean and purify the skin every day - Sebium.