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Klorane Dry shampoo
Klorane Dry shampoo

Klorane Dry shampoo

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Klorane Volume Dry Shampoo with Bio Flax is a care that cleanses fine hair and without volume without wetting them. Allows you to save 50 litres of water per year.



Klorane Volume Dry Shampoo with Bio Flax is a simple and eco-conceived solution for fine hair and without volume. It allows in 2 minutes: to clean the hair without wetting it, loosen the roots and grant maximum volume to the hair between washes. Developed for use on adults and teenagers from 12 years old.


Klorane Volume Dry Shampoo with Bio Flax has an invisible finish, a nude powdery texture and a delicately powdery fragrance. With an innovative, gentle, no-rinse formula that associates Biological flax fibres of plant origin, highly volumising naturally derived ultra-absorbent powders and texturising powders. to cleanse the scalp and provide freshness to the hair.
100% recyclable aluminium container. High tolerance formula.


In just two minutes, hair is clean and fresh and roots are lifted with a guaranteed volume effect for up to 8 hours: light and airy volume with guaranteed hold for 8 hours, with no cardboard effect.

How to Use

Agitate before use. Spray Klorane Volume Dry Shampoo with Bio Flax streak by streak 15 cm from the scalp. Leave to work for 2 minutes. Brush well or use a hairdryer to remove any residue. Apply whenever necessary.