Yardley Has Released A Bold New Collection In Celebration Of 250 Years


Yardley London is known by many as one of the oldest and most quintessentially British bath and body brands around. Entire families have developed a loyalty to the brand that lasts lifetimes – even those whose families have been living here in the United States for several generations! Support for the brand has spread across every ocean, not only out of recognition of Yardley’s English heritage, but out of appreciation for their excellent products. Yardley’s success has continued for so long due to their ongoing commitment to quality; their products having been used and praised by both popstars and royalty alike. Today Yardley looks to continue shifting forward with the times, keeping up to date on the newest trends and celebrating over 250 years in business with this latest four fragrance contemporary collection.





‘Castelbel’ reflects two characteristics that remain intrinsic to the company. It combines the name of their hometown (Castêlo da Maia, in Greater Porto) with the word beauty, both of which are reflected in their products. More than ever, Castelbel’s lines continue to be inspired by the idyllic landscape of the Douro River Valley. They capture the aromas, colours and ambience of Portugal, a simultaneously traditional and trendy country. The packaging evokes an experience that lies where the warm sun and blue ocean nourish the soul and comfort the spirit.






At The Scottish Fine Soaps Company, they blend gorgeous ingredients with contemporary Scottish style to create bath and beauty collections that will make you look, feel and smell fantastic. A family owned business of 4 generations and manufacture 99.5% of their products are from their site in central Scotland. Since Scottish Fine Soaps was founded 45 years ago, they’ve been searching Scotland and the world for inspirational ingredients with unique fragrances and beauty benefits.